Dear all,

So, where do I begin…?

What are we currently going through is not what would’ve even imagined. We are in a new phase of life, where this pandemic situation is practically affecting us globally, and this is not fun anymore. When I see some of the funny posts on social media about this, it really saddens me, because we shouldn’t be making fun of this at all. There are people fighting for their lives and also losing their lives. There is so much fear, pain, anxiety, confusion, stress and panic.

What really upsets me about this, is that people are far too relaxed about the whole situation here in the United Kingdom, unlike in the rest of the world. We are acting unwittingly comparing to other countries. I feel that people should be more caring, considering and really look after each other without making any funny and completely unnecessary remarks about the whole situation.

I also hear stories about the hospital workers, getting abused by patients. This is totally inappropriate, because these people are working so hard, some even without taking any breaks to help and heal others. We are all scared, we all feel uncertain and worried about the whole thing, so please don’t take it on others. Nothing like this has ever happened before, so we are all coping the best way we possibly can. Our generation has never experienced anything like this before.

So, on a positive note, what can we do in order to stay hopeful and positive? Let me give you some tips that I’m currently finding really helpful:

  • Make a list of things that are your priorities right now
  • Eat healthy food and take vitamins and supplements
  • Try not to panic (I know this is not easy, but please try to keep calm)
  • Keep in touch with your loved ones. It’s important to stay in touch with people, even if you are in a situation that you have to self-isolate (talk on the phone, message, email)
  • Take a deep, cleansing breaths several times a day (I promise you, that you will start feeling more relaxed)
  • Be mindful of what you share on social media (don’t share posts that are making fun of this current outbreak. This is a serious situation, not something to be made fun of)

I hope this helps.

Look after yourself, about others and stay safe and well. Together we can make a huge difference. I will continue to inspire you, so look out for another post from me soon.


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