Back in November in 2018 I met my girlfriend. She is a spiritual teacher and often talks about the mysteries of the universe, which also include the law of attraction and manifesting. When she first mentioned it to me, I wasn’t really tuned into it. I didn’t understand the concept, but I was open to the conversation and wiling to learn more. The more she explained it to me, the more I began to realise how powerful we all actually are.

I wanted to it test the law of attraction for myself, so I’ve decided, I’m going to focus on what I would like to see in my life. I began by visualising, which is basically a fancy word for ‘day-dreaming’. First thing I’ve decided to focus my mind on was to start seeing a particular car I liked. I visualised seeing that car in my mind’s eye several times a day. Surprisingly, in a short period of time, I suddenly saw that car everywhere. Every time I would step out of the house, that car would drive by, when I looked to the left or right, it would be parked nearby. I would see it on the TV, on the internet or somebody would just randomly mention it in a conversation. I was astounded, although it was a bit scary at first to be honest. I never thought I was this powerful and able to create the things I would just simply focus on.

Then, I told my girlfriend. She wasn’t surprised at all. She emphasised, that all of us are a powerful creators and we can manifest anything by the power of a belief and a conscious co-creating with the universe. She always says: ‘What we focus on, always expands.’ And this is just brushing the surface and it’s the basis of the law of attraction and manifesting. The more I visualise what I want and I feel good about it, the more I believe I am worthy of creating what I desire. The more faith I have and believe that what I want is on its way to me, the more I’m consciously manifesting some amazing things I didn’t even dreamed of.

So, I would like to say to all of you:

‘If you want to manifest some great things into your life, focus on what you desire, visualise it on a daily basis, have faith that it is possible for you and soon, you will start seeing the evidence of it appearing everywhere around you. Trust and know.’ 

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