Back in February, my girlfriend was teaching a meditation class, which I attended with a couple of my friends. During the class, beside meditating, we’ve also discussed the topics of wellbeing, positivity and why looking after each other is so important. We’ve also had a conversation about the current pandemic situation, which at the time, was starting to slightly develop in the UK. We haven’t been focusing on it too much, and didn’t think our lives would change significantly just in the matter of three weeks.

After the class, I’ve decided to book a weekend trip for my girlfriend’s Birthday to Paris. We’ve both deserved a break after being extremely busy since the beginning of January. A few days later, my girlfriend started feeling uncomfortable about making the trip, as we kept hearing the news from every corner of the world, that the pandemic situation is getting worse. It was at the early stages here in the UK and nobody was taking it very seriously, but despite all, we’ve decided to cancel our trip. At first, we were disappointed, because we wanted to spend her Birthday in the most romantic city in the world. But later, we were happy we’ve made that decision. As soon as we did, the situation got out of control, the planes stopped flying and the whole global crisis really began to kick in.

I had an annual leave planned for a couple of weeks anyway, so I’ve decided to spend that time focusing on my creative work and, of course, spend time with my girlfriend here in the UK. We visited a beautiful lake in Berkshire and decided to spend lots of quality time in nature. It was amazing. As the days went by, we started hearing from the main stream media that some restrictions will start taking place. Just in the matter of a few days we started noticing many shops, restaurants, pubs and small businesses beginning to close. This was instructed by the government and people began to worry. My girlfriend and I, were very shocked, as we’ve never thought this would happen in our lifetime. Suddenly, everyone’s life began to change.

We’ve decided not to get too drawn in the chaos of the new normal, and began getting even more creative at home, writing and sharing positive messages around social media to help people see the current situation from a different perspective. Unfortunately, most of the people didn’t respond to these messages the way we’ve expected. We’ve noticed that our positive messages were almost overlooked, however, the messages with a violent tone and scary news were the ones that were trending. Unfortunately, people preferred to focus on the negative, rather then finding good in the world. Despite all, we’ve decided to continue to bring light into the world.

I believe staying positive, especially in the midsts of chaos is crucial. Focusing on what we can do, instead of what we can’t do is what makes us empowered. I’ve been working on myself on my days off, I took an online course, which helped me to develop my mentoring and coaching skills I believe my clients can benefit from in the future. I continue to write and design, and look after myself the best way I can. There is so much that we, as individuals, can do even in the middle of crisis like this. So much can be done from home, if we only change our perspective and take a positive approach. When we look back to this day, in the future, we can say to ourselves, that we were the ones who didn’t panic, stayed in our power during the tough times and empowered ourselves and others. Then, we can feel warmth in our hearts and peace in our souls.

Stay positive, safe and well, my friends, and do what brings you joy.

With best wishes,


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  1. Nicky on April 30, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Oh my days William, your post was so powerful. I thank you so much to be able to read your positive words of encouragement. You and your girlfriend are truly amazing and encouraging.x

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